21-Day Fix -- Days 1-3

>> Thursday, March 20, 2014

I finally started the 21-Day Fix and boy am I both psyched and a little intimidated!  I wanted to share with you my thoughts along the way and instead of doing one big, long post at the end of the week, I decided to do a post every couple days.  So, here's Day 1-3.....

Monday - Day #1
I'll admit that when I started today, I did it half-assed.  As excited as I was, I still wasn't fully ready yet to commit.  I really didn't have any plan in place -- especially when it came to meal planning and I'll admit that it was hard.....eating without a plan.  I didn't even do the workout, instead working out at the gym with My Marine.  After lunch, though, I did sit down and thoroughly plan out my meals for the week with the help of Google and Pinterest.  If you search "21-Day Fix menu plans", you'll be surprised at the wealth of information you can find!

In the end, I came up with a plan that I think will work for me.  There's a lot of repeats and I'm ok with that.....and I keep telling myself, "It's only for 21 days!"

Tuesday - Day #2
Woke up this morning ready to ROCK!  Got the girls off to school and headed to the gym for my regular workout which included 45 min. of circuit training/weights (chest, back and abs) and then 45 min. of HIIT elliptical.  Picked up Nudgie from Kindergarten and while she was having lunch and watching the Mickey Mouse Club, I popped in the 21-Day Upper Fix (which focuses on upper body and some abs).  Let me tell you.....I LOVE THIS WORKOUT!  I did underestimate the moves and used some lighter weight than I normally would use, but next time -- WATCH OUT because I'm bumping it up big time!  If you're curious, click HERE for a quick video of the Upper Fix workout!  I showed My Marine the workout when he came home, and he gave me some additional tips for adding more weight to this workout too, which I can't WAIT to try!

Meals for today were pretty simple.  I had one little "cheat" with a couple of strawberry yogurt covered pretzels.  I told myself that if I finished them up they wouldn't tempt me anymore.  Yeah, right!  Here's what my were meals for today.....

Strawberry shakeology with raspberries and blackberries (1 red, 1 purple)

AM Snack:
Greek yogurt (1 red)

Leftover turkey meatballs, salad with dressing (1 red, 1 green, 1 orange)

PM Snack:
1 apple with Earth Balance all-natural peanut butter (1 purple, 2 teaspoons)

Leftover turkey stuffed pepper w/ brown rice and cucumbers (1 red, 2 green, 2 yellow)

At the end of the day, I realized that I didn't use any "blue" - which is nuts/cheese/healthy fats.  I'll have to make sure I work on that one!

Overall, Day #2 went much better than Day #1!

Wednesday - Day #3
Woke up very sore this morning.....abs and chest especially!  But it felt good....it feels like ACCOMPLISHMENT!  And I was excited to see what Day #3 would bring for me!  Dropped the girls off at school and headed back to the gym again.  I really wanted to do more upper body and focus on biceps/triceps, but the free weight area was a little too crowded for my taste.  (I'm ALWAYS very self-conscious in the gym!)  So I decided to do a leg workout with some abs and back work.  Big highlight was that I got to my personal high of 130lbs on the leg press.  I know I can do more, but I tweaked my knee running on Monday and didn't want to push it too much.  Then I did 45 min. HIIT elliptical.  Once I got Nudgie settled with her Nutella sandwich and Looney Tunes, I headed downstairs to do the 21-Day Lower Fix.  Oh....My....Goodness!!!!!  This workout kicks BUTT -- and I mean it LITERALLY!  My legs were shaking so much afterwards that I literally had to almost crawl up the steps!  I will say that I had to modify some of the lunges because of my knees, but overall I still gave 100% and got the full effect!

Meals for today were good too.  There were times (right at lunch and then right around 3pm) that I started to hear my stomach growl or felt like snacking on something....but once I ate my lunch and my PM snack I felt much better.  (Oh, and drank LOTS of water too!)  I also decided to add some photos of my meals so that you can see how much I really am eating.  The containers look small, but once you put everything together on a plate -- it really is a lot of food!

Breakfast and AM Snack:
Breakfast - Strawberry shakeology + 2 cups water/1 cup ice (1 red)
AM Snack - 1 honeycrisp apple (1 purple)  (I know it's clear container, but I used that so that I could snack on my way home from the gym!)

Tuna salad with dijon vinegrette (1 red, 1 green, 1 orange, 1 blue)

PM Snack:
Cottage cheese with raspberries and blackberries (1 red, 1 purple)

Shrimp veggie stirfry over whole wheat pasta (1 red, 2 green, 1 yellow, 2 teaspoons olive oil)

As you can see from the pictures, they are bigger portions than expected!  And believe me, I was FULL!  I still felt that craving for something sweet after dinner like I normally do, but I drank more water and focused my energy towards something else and it seemed to pass.

I've already marked down my starting weight, but I also have to remember to take my "before" pictures today so that I can truly see if there's a difference.

Stay tuned for Days 4-6!


Common Courtesy, Manners and The Sleepover That Didn't Happen

>> Saturday, March 15, 2014

I really didn't have a plan for a post.  I've been having some trouble coming up with things to write about lately, but an incident that happened yesterday just gave me a blank page -- ready for my thoughts and opinions.

I just have one question -- whatever happened to common courtesy, manners, compassion and being a good friend?

Last night, Nani was supposed to have a friend sleepover.  She's been talking about it for two weeks now.  I spoke with the mom numerous times prior to last night -- finding out if there were allergies, what her daughter liked to snack on, finalizing times and details, etc.  I saw the little girl at school that morning when I volunteered in Nani's class telling her that we were so excited to have her come over.

I had planned dinner and activities.  Come 6:30.....no friend.  Come 7:00.....still no friend.  Nani was starting to get a little upset.  Nudgie was getting hungry.  Come 7:30....still no friend.  So I texted the mom...."Hi!  I hope everything is ok!  Nani is hoping that ---- will still be able to make it over!"  I get this text back:

"Yeah....well ---- decided she wanted to go bowling instead, so she's not coming"


I was stunned.  I was stunned and angry.  The more I read it, the angrier I got.  And then I had to have the horrible task of telling sweet Nani that her friend was not coming.  She was heartbroken and in tears and it broke my heart.  She went to her room and nothing would console her....not even the special ice cream sundae fixings I bought for the night.

Sadly -- this isn't the first time I've experienced this....both as a mother AND personally.

For Nani's 9th birthday, we planned a special party at Sweet & Sassy - a local "girlie" place.  Not cheap.  We invited 8 girls.  TWO RSVPd and the rest never showed up.  While Nani still had a good time, I was fuming.....

I, personally, had an experience where I had made plans with one friend only to get a text saying, "Hey, I'm doing something else instead".  No, "hey would you like to join us" and making me feel like my friendship wasn't worth the time or effort.  So, I KNEW how Nani felt.

I'll admit, too, that I'm not always the best at RSVPing.  Sometimes I do it past the deadline or respond after a gentle reminder from whoever is holding the event -- but even then, I apologize profusely for not responding -- because I know what's involved with planning and expense.

I know I haven't been the best friend throughout my life and I know that I have disappointed and hurt friends myself.  But I'm hoping to teach my girls through my mistakes.  I want to teach them to be kind and remember others' feelings.  I want to teach them to be inclusive....that when they are with a group of friends (whether at their own party or somewhere else) to be kind to everyone....just not that one friend that you want to spend time with.  I want them to have manners -- responding to an invitation and following through with that invitation even if something else come along that you want to do.

I held my baby girl last night as she cried.  I cried with her.  As she sniffled in my arms, she looked at me and said "Mommy, that wasn't being a good friend, was it?"  I asked her what she thought and she said, "No, that was not being a good friend....but you know what, I'll still be her friend.  I'll still talk to her at school and I'll play with her on the playground and we'll talk about books....because that's what a good friend does.  Even though she hurt me, I don't want to hurt her like that. 

What she said next, stunned me into speechlessness and tears......

"All those people hurt Jesus, but He still loved them.  If Jesus can do that, then I can too."


Love of God Starts At Home......

>> Wednesday, March 12, 2014

After many years of searching, here in Colorado, for a church home.  I think I've finally found one that I feel completely and totally comfortable in.  I still have to learn to open my heart and trust.....but I believe that I'm on the right path.  This church and it's Pastor gives me hope and excitement......when I don't go to service, I miss it.  The other important factor is that this church has an amazing youth ministry and the girls enjoy going with me.....in fact, ASK me..."Mommy, are we going to church?"

But something was said at church this past Sunday that really got me to thinking.  The youth pastor was substituting for our regular pastor who was on vacation.  This particular Sunday involved a Q and A which involved the congregation asking questions of any kind to be answered.  I really enjoyed it.  But towards the end, the pastor answered a question that involved teaching our children about God.  He made a comment to the effect that teaching our children about loving God needs to start at home and that, as parents, we shouldn't expect to drop them off in Sunday school and expect the youth ministry to do it for us. 

This truly struck a chord with me because I have to admit that I'm guilty of that.  Growing up in the church the way I did, I have a warped sense of God that I don't want my girls to have.  I wanted to find a church where they would learn about a God who loves them and forgives them...a God who they can talk to and not fear about making angry because they didn't follow some church doctrine.  I found that with this church and thought that by taking them every Sunday, they were getting the groundwork that they needed.

But after this Sunday, I realize that it goes much deeper than that.  It comes down to me, as a parent, to show my girls the way as well.  I'm conflicted, though, because I just don't know what that "way" looks like.

I grew up with a strict church background.  There were rules for everything.  You went to confession every Saturday and you would sit there and think of every little thing that you did wrong.  While I love the tradition that our church has, I did not like how everything else felt "forced".  I always felt that I was a disappointment to God because I made mistakes -- big ones and a lot.  I felt that I wasn't worthy, that I couldn't do anything right so I didn't deserve His love.  So why bother.

But recently I've come to realize that as I'm relearning how to let God back into my life, this is an opportunity for me to teach my girls how to let God into their lives too.  But in order to do that, I need to take a leap of faith and step out of my own comfort zone.  I need to step away from the forced relationship and learn how to accept God's love instead of feeling like I am not worthy of Him. 

We've already taken some steps down that road, and it's my hope and prayer that we can learn together.....................


Unplugged Sunday

>> Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If you've been reading my blog over the past month or so, you'll know that I started reading "Hands-Free Mama" by Rachel Macy Stafford and have chosen to be more deliberate in going "hands-free" with my family.

I'll be honest and tell you that cutting back on the technology hasn't been easy....it's downright hard.  And certainly eye-opening to realize how much I have become dependent on it.  I could see how it became such a big part of me -- especially when My Marine was deployed.  It was our lifeline.  I had to keep it with me 24/7, checking constantly to see if he was online, hoping for just a few seconds to say hi and that I love you.  But what was the excuse when he got home?  There was none....except for one simple word -- addiction.

And even now that My Marine is home, technology still continued to rob me of the precious time I could be spending with my family. 

So on Sunday, after church, we had some lunch and the girls played out in the backyard.  It was such a beautiful day....the sun was shining, there was a warm breeze blowing.  Something whispered to me -- go enjoy the day.  Put everything down and go enjoy the day.  At that moment, I just decided to unplug....completely.  I made a quick post on FB and then shut the computer off.  I left my phone on the kitchen counter and turned the ringer off.  And then I went outside with my girls.

It was the best afternoon we had spent together in a long time.

We sat on the driveway and made a giant chalk mural to show My Marine when he came home from drill.  I loved hearing the girls say, "Wow Mommy.....you draw good flowers" and loved Nani showing me the Blackhawk that she drew for Daddy (even though it looked a little like a fish from The Lorax).

We played ball with Zoja.....laughing as she'd jump to try to catch the ball and end up bumping it with her nose.  I watched as the girls played nicely together....taking turns throwing the ball, seeing who could make Zoja jump the highest.

We all were fascinated with watching the ladybug that landed on my shoulder and whispered quietly together as we watched it crawl up and over my fingers before finally flying away.

I watched my girls ride their bikes....taking dolls and stuffed dogs for rides in their bike baskets, wind whipping their hair into and around their faces.  Their joyful smiles and giggles infecting me so that I, too, would soon be laughing with them.

We sat on the grass with dolls and stuffed animal and read books and sipped lemonade.  We lay on our backs and inspected the branches of our tree, looking to see if there were any new sprouts waiting to bloom.

When we finally went into the house to get ready for dinner, I glanced at my phone.  I had some missed texts and phone calls, but you know what.....the world still went on.

As I sat at dinner that night, listening to the girls chatter on to My Marine about what we did that day, I knew I made the right choice.....and knew that this was something I had to do and will continue to do........


Beachbody 21-Day Fix -- Here We Go!

>> Monday, March 10, 2014

Awhile back, I discovered that Beachbody had a new program coming out -- the 21 Day Fix.  As a Beachbody coach, I got some advance materials about this new program.....and I read them and all the other background material.  I have to admit -- I wasn't convinced.  Until recently.....

I started reading more and more testimonies from test groups and seeing for myself the results that this program could have, and I decided to give it a try. 

Since the program became so popular so quickly, there was a high demand for it.  I was a little frustrated that it wouldn't be here until the end of April....until I received an email telling me that it was being shipped.  And it arrived on Friday!!  It was like Christmas for me!

I am really excited to start this program and hopefully jumpstart my body back into shape!  I still struggle with clean eating and portion control, so I'm also hopeful that this program will help with that as well!  Plus, I really haven't been following any set plan since the holidays, so I am hopeful that this will give me the structure that I need too.

I spent a good part of the weekend reading through the nutrition guide, making notes, researching recipes, and googling "21-Day Fix" to see what others are doing for their meal plans.  I also sat down and reviewed all of the workout DVDs that came with the program.  My plan is to use these in addition to my normal workouts at the gym.

The more I planned -- the more I was starting to get nervous....can I really do this??  But then I'd tell myself -- it's only for 21 days.  I can do this for 21 days.......

How Does It Work?
Your container allowance per day is calculated based on your weight and the average of 400 calories burned per fix workout. Then you are given a range you need to stay in.

I am in the 1200-1499 calorie range which will break down to:

3 green containers (veggies)
2 purple containers (fruits)
4 red containers (protein)
2 yellow containers (starchy carbs)
1 blue container (nuts, etc)
1 orange container (nuts and dressings)
2 spoons (olive oil, nut butters, etc)

The nutrition guide is then broken down into a list of foods that you can eat in that particular color.  It makes it easy to pick your foods and create a meal plan for the week (which I'm in the process of doing now).

Also, you have the option of eating directly from the containers, but I will choose not to do this.  Instead, I'll prepare my food in the containers and then transfer it to a plate.  I think this will help me get more visual control over what and how much I'm eating. 

The plan also allows for treats such as wine and chocolate, but I will not be including these in my meal plans.  Again -- it's just 21 days, so I think I'll survive!

How Do You Keep Track?
I'm a very visual person and need to see everything in black & white.  Fortunately, Beachbody has made it easy to keep track of your containers with easy tracking sheets both in the back of the nutrition guide and online at Team Beachbody.  You just simply put in your container allowance at the top of the page and then check off the boxes as you go!

21 Day Fix Tracking Sheets

I'm also going to take a page from some of the other folks doing this and color-code my meal plans as well.    As soon as I get my first week meal plan ready, I'll be sharing that here with you as well!

Later on today, I'll be taking my Day #1 pictures as well as weighing in for my starting weight.  I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you -- both good and bad -- and I'll hope you'll stick around to see the end results -- again, both good and bad!

If you have any questions about any other Beachbody products (such as my favorite TurboJam!) or Shakeology, please feel free to leave me a comment or contact me via my Beachbody Coach page!


The Constant Thing About Deployments....Whether Your First or Fifth

>> Thursday, March 6, 2014

As I flipped over the calendar to March yesterday morning (yes....I'm almost a week late....), I realized that My Marine has been home 9 months already!  This time last year, I was in the throes of yet another deployment.  I remember someone saying to me before he left, "Oh, it's got to be a little easier for you this time around....."  As I stared at this person, I paused before speaking -- really weighing my words before responding that no.....no, it doesn't get easier.  Each deployment, each TDY brings it's own brand of crazy.  This time around, I was having to do it with two girls -- two girls who were old enough to fully understand that Daddy was going away for awhile.  I didn't have that last time.....

BUT.....with that in mind....there ARE some things that stay "constant" throughout ANY deployment -- whether it's your first or your fifth......

*  Waterproof mascara?  It's a lie.........

*  Let's be honest -- you and your kids will eat more cereal, mac & cheese, frozen pizza, McDonald's Happy Meals and PB & J than you'd like to admit.  And there will be days....maybe even weeks.....where your laundry will consist of pajamas and yoga pants. 

*  If it can break -- it will.  Usually within hours of your Soldier leaving.  I've had electrical problems, plumbing problems, appliance problems -- all within a 48 hour period of My Marine leaving.  By this last deployment, my emergency contact list and speed dial included the Rear D contact, the plumber, and the appliance repairman.

*  The post man/flower delivery man really is not out to get you.  If you don't get a promised delivery/letter/package when you were supposed to, I PROMISE you it's not a conspiracy to drive you insane or plant the seed of "My Soldier doesn't love me".  Likewise, the clerk at your favorite liquor store is not staging an intervention when he tells you that your wine is not in stock.  Leaning across the counter and growling "You don't want to see me angry" will not help your cause.  Always have a backup liquor store just for these cases -- preferrably a drive-through one where you can still wear your pajamas......

*  If illness/broken bones can strike -- they will.  During My Marine's first deployment to Iraq, Nani came down with chicken pox the day after he left.  She was 8 months old.  This last deployment -- I contracted walking pneumonia.  It's bound to happen.  Stock up on chicken broth, ACE bandages, OJ, and put the number for Poison Control into your speed dial.......

*  Your brain will turn to mush and aside from pinning your To-Do list to your yoga pants, there's really not much you can do about except to buy Post-It notes in bulk and tell anyone who comes to visit that you're re-enacting a scene from your favorite movie "A Beautiful Mind"

*  Your car will leak, make noise, overheat, not heat at all, not start, start and stall, have a flat, have two flats, be thrown up in, be scratched and dented and have cracks in the windshield.  All I can say is keep your AAA up-to-date and your mechanic's number in your speed dial.

*  Your DVR/Netflix/Hulu queue will be filled with two things -- movies that you excitedly stockpiled because NOW you can finally watch all those tearjerker chick flicks that your husband won't watch...AT....ALL and mindless fluff shows that don't require much concentration or thought (Cake Boss marathon anyone?)  What you won't be surprised to know is that you probably won't watch any of them and this will lead your husband to ask "Why do you have Talledega Nights on the DVR from July 2012?" when he does come home and finds the DVR at 99% capacity and he can't tape the NHL All-Star game.  (Not that this happened here of course.....)

*  That Deployment Bucket List?  Yeah.......the only thing that should really be put on that list is SURVIVAL!

*  And finally......that last month before Homecoming will be here before you know it.  And you will run around like a crazy woman trying to "get everything done".  If there's one piece of advice you take away from this whole blog post it's this -- HE DOESN'T CARE!  TRUST ME!  He doesn't care if there's new carpeting, an addition to the house, new flooring, etc.  All he wants is to see you and the kids!  You will only drive yourself crazy trying to get it all done and you don't need the stress.  Take the time you would spend doing all that and hire a housecleaner.  And while the Merry Maids are scrubbing your toilet, get a mani/pedi, stock up the fridge with his favorite foods/beer, put fresh sheets on the bed, run the vacuum, and make a few homecoming signs.

But in spite of all these facts....you WILL get through it.  You WILL remember to breathe everyday.  And you WILL tell yourself that you will come out stronger than you ever thought possible.

Of course you will......you're a Military Spouse!  Now go grab a bottle of wine, a fresh pair of pj's and tuck yourself in for an episode of Cake Boss!


Hands Free - Month #1

>> Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A few weeks ago, we decided to be more Hands Free and committed to enjoying the little moments with our family.  I really wasn't sure how this was going to go....especially since I've been so dependent on my phone, Facebook, email for distraction.

But when I read Hand-Free Mama, I realized how many moments I was missing with my daughters.  So many missed opportunites to connect, to share, to spend time together.....something I desperately wanted with my girls.  I've always envisioned us having a close, loving relationship as they grew into adulthood.....but at the rate I was going, I feared that I was just going to be an inconvenience to them in my old age.

As we "unplugged" over these past weeks, those moments presented themselves with more and more clarity......not only with just me and my daughters, but with me personally.

*  Instead of playing games on my computer, I played games with my kids.  We played endless games of Uno, Candyland, and more.  Since it was during the Olympics, we held our own Olympic events....laughing until we were breathless and cheering as we all, at one point, would win medals in our own version of Family Olympics.

*  Instead of reading posts on Facebook, I read books.  By being unplugged, I was able to take the time to sit and savor my 5 year old reading to me....seeing the joy on her face as she read books all by herself.  I would quickly answer "YES!" to my 9 year old when she asked me to come and read with her at bedtime.....recognizing that one day this moment may never happen again.  Nani and I also started a little Bible study together....doing devotionals and then discussing them together at bedtime.  We also resurrected another bedtime tradition of using our "Notebook" -- where we write special things and then leave it in the bedroom for the other to find.  I found that I missed this little exchange of notes and was possibly losing an opportunity to connect with my soon-to-be-tween in a very pecial way.  I look back on how many moments I lost because I was on the computer when my daughters asked to be read to and I would say "in a minute" and when that "minute" passed a couple hours later, they were already asleep.  I even enjoyed some books of my own!

*  Instead of "pinning" crafts, I actually completed crafts.  I had a pile of projects that I wanted to start and even finish....and this was the perfect time.  The girls and I also started some crafts together -- painting picture frames, coloring fabric squares, making Matryoshka dolls during the Olympics.

*  Instead of checking my FB while in the car line or after pick up....we'd put our playlist on and sing together....each of us getting to pick a song of our choosing.  I'm finding that Nudgie leans more towards Carrie Underwood and VBS CDs, while Nani is more of a Taylor Swift girl.

It was an eye-opening experience....and certainly not easy.  I failed many times.....pulling out my cell phone when I shouldn't.  But there were also time when I did, I would catch myself and put it away.

During this next month - my task is to be more deliberate and choosing what matters.  This particular chapter builds on the previous one, but the focus is on being more deliberate with my girls....trying to find more ways to connect, more ways to experience the joy that comes with parenting.

Stay tuned!


Joining the "Hands Free" Revolution!

>> Monday, February 10, 2014

Right before Christmas, I stumbled across a Facebook page called "The Hands Free Revolution".   I read her article "The Bully Too Close to Home" with tears in my eyes.....tears of guilt and shame because that was/is me.  It was a slap in the face, wake up call that I desperately needed.

As I continued to read the article over and over and over, I realized that I was doing to my daughters the same things that occurred in my own childhood.  I don't fault my mother......she raised me the best she could with what she knew, but I often find myself focusing on the negative aspects of my childhood instead of the positives.  And that focus brought me to where I am today with my own girls.

I've often been complimented on my parenting.....my girls are so polite and well-behaved.  While I smile and say thank you, I'd think to myself that if they could see me behind closed doors, they'd think I was a monster.  But thanks to this article, I was forced even more to take a harder, deeper look at myself, my parenting, and my relationship with my family in general.

I was thrilled to discover that Rachel Macy Stafford wrote a book about her experience to go "Hands-Free" and live more in the moment with her family.  I ordered it on the spot and devoured it in days......twice.....the pages dog-earred, highlighted, and comments in the margin.

I finished reading it again for the fourth time this past weekend and I told My Marine about it.  I told him that I wanted to live more in the moment with our girls, living more Hands-Free.  While he said, "You already do that", I debated with him....giving him examples of where I'm losing moments with the kids.  I could see realization dawn in his eyes as he could probably check off some of those infractions on his own list.
The book is broken down into 12 chapters -- with something that you can focus on each month.  Here - we're combining two steps - going public and setting up a Hands-Free zone.  And so, starting today, we're taking the Hands-Free pledge.....and our first step starts with technology.  We've talked and have decided where we can cut back and set limits on what we do in order to spend more time in the moment with our girls.  Some of the things we've decided:
  • Limit Facebook time.  This is a big one for me.  I've decided to limit my time to early mornings, 30-min in the afternoon, and 1 hour before my own bedtime.  Once the girls are up and getting ready for school and when they come home from school, the computer will be shut off.  I will also be deleting the Facebook app off my phone.  I found that I spent way too much checking and checking at every moment (in the school drop off/pick up line, at stop lights).
  • I will also be deleting my email apps from my phone as well.  There is no need for me to constantly check emails and respond on my phone.  I will be checking and responding to emails during my scheduled computer time.
  • As soon as I get into the car, my phone will be set to a "driving alert", will be set to vibrate and tucked away in my purse.  This is more for safety, than anything.  I have too often caught myself wanting to immediately check a text that comes in while I'm driving.  And while I have NEVER texted while driving, the urge to check is too great, so the temptation will be removed.
  • My Marine will also be limiting his time on his Flickr account.  He, too, would come home and instead of interacting with our kids, would spend time on Flickr...updating his pictures, checking stats, etc.
For us....me, especially....this is HUGE....but something that we are willing to do.

I invite you to take this journey with me as well.  Below is the Hands-Free Pledge.  I printed this out, framed it, and  keep it next to my computer so that when I'm tempted, I can see this and remember why we're doing this.

I encourage you to check out the Hands-Free FB page as well as the blog and take the pledge -- whatever that means for you.  I'm looking forward to seeing where this takes our family!


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