4th of July Recap

>> Thursday, July 7, 2011

I haven't been posting much over the past few days or so.  Starting with the week before the 4th it's been non-stop crazy with Nani's VBS, my conference in Vail and My Marine's homecoming.

My Marine finally came home the Wednesday before the big holiday weekend.  The girls were thrilled to see him.  And while I will say that it's true that absence does make the heart grow fonder.  The minute I saw him come up that airport escalator, it took all self-control not to launch myself into his arms.  FINALLY!!!  He can start to to cut the damn grass and fix those f-ing sprinklers himself!!!  But the biggest surprise was this:

Yep....he came home with a goatee.  Now I have to say that we all have our quirks when it comes to our men.  But, mmmm....mmmmm....do I love a man with a goatee!  Too bad I only had about 18 hours to enjoy the said goatee before he had to shave it off before going back to work at the base the next day.  (Insert very sad mommy face here.....)

Anyway.....with My Marine's homecoming, we decided to sequester ourselves over the weekend.  No big travel plans, no big BBQ's.....just us together as a family. 

We kicked off our holiday with a visit to the bookstore where I got this:

Yes, I'm a Little House on the Prairie junkie -- what of it?

We capped off the night with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings where I have to say my new addiction is the wings with the salt & vinegar rub.  YUM!

On Friday, I was allowed a WHOLE morning to myself!  Just me and Mr. Starbucks!  I wanted to get a mani/pedi, but when I walked into my salon - which normally is completely empty - I was greeted with a wedding party of 12 waiting to get their nails done up in red, white, and blue.  Cute for them, bummer for me.  So instead,  I headed to Old Navy and scored big on their sales. 

The rest of the weekend went something like this:  make breakfast, have coffee, do something around the house, run through sprinklers, watch movies, swim in the pool, drink a couple beers, eat some watermelon, go the reservoir, dig sand out of nether regions, get eaten by mosquitos, and watch fireworks. 

We didn't take too many pictures this weekend, but here are a few:

Nani twirling her umbrella during the rainstorm we had.

Nudgie in the pool.   I could just SQUEEZE those cheeks.  Oh yeah - I already do!

Nani in her inner tube.  I hate that she gets so tan in just a few minutes!

Nudgie eating up the blackberry compote I made for dessert.  She's wearing more of it than she ate.
And just look at those cute little toes.  Nom! Nom! Nom!

Nani showing off her very loose, very front tooth. 
She's got this adorable gap in the front and is afraid to eat anything that isn't pureed.
I'm SO not ready for the loss of the front teeth!!!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!!!


MaryAnne July 7, 2011 at 12:56 PM  

Looks like a fun weekend!

And HOORAY for being together again!!!

LucieP July 9, 2011 at 9:37 AM  

goatees are so great!!! He is so cute!
I'm glad you had a nice weekend- what better than to spend July 4th weekend with your Marine!!!

Vivian July 22, 2011 at 8:04 AM  

Your blog is wonderful...your post was amazing and so heartfelt!
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