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>> Thursday, January 19, 2012

I have some posts planned, but I just need to find time to sit down and write them.  More importantly, I need to clear my mind of some random thoughts so I can just focus.  Seriously....sometimes I feel like I have adult ADD.

Oh look!  A squirrel!

Ok, ok....focus.....

I seriously have an issue with people who don't use turn signals or worse yet....drive around with them on FOR-EVER.  Yes people....I am Carnac the Magnificent and I can truly anticipate when you're going to make that last minute veer across two lanes of traffic to make that right turn into the Burger King drive-through.  It's called a turn signal -- use it you moron!

Anyone watching the Bachelor?  Does anyone think that Courtney looks a little like Fran from Dodgeball?

I'm in funk.  It's just that post-Christmas blah.  I really dislike January.  It's such a downer month.  I wish we would get some snow days.  I love, love, love the snow.  I love watching it come down.  I love snuggling with my family.  We've had some snow....but I want more.  Which brings me to....

People who complain about the weather.  No matter what season, they are never happy.  It's snowing and cold and they whine.  It's spring and it's raining and they whine.  It's summer and it's hot and they whine.  For goodness sake, pack yourself up to that temperature-controlled bubble and shut up already.

The joys of having a dog.....dog hair on EVERYTHING I own.  And occasionally randomly showing up in my coffee cup or my dinner.

I am finding that the older I get, the less patience I have for the population in general.  Now I know why my dad is so crotchety all the time...

And back to the Bachelor.  Dear Ben -- can you please pick a hometown and stick with it?  First his hometown was Sonoma.  Ok...cute quaint...I loved the town.  But then next episode, his hometown was San Francisco.  My Marine and I just looked at each other like, huh?  (And yes, My Marine watches with me too.....what of it.....)  And I'm sure those San Franciscan residents appreciated you shutting down the street and snarling traffic for hours so that you and your bunny boilers could bikini ski down the street.

But I suppose, falling here is much better than falling from here!

Cool date - wrong girl.  Granted, she did complete the climb.....but you know if they end up together this is going to come up again and again and again......

And yet I keep watching....

Aaahhh....now my brain has a little more room. 


Raising a Happy Child January 19, 2012 at 8:57 AM  

I need more room in my brain too, but my thoughts tend to be more work-related :)

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