Giggling with "Glee"!

>> Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just this past summer I became one of the newest Glee fans.  I never watched the show before but saw that Netflix carried all the episodes, so one night while My Marine was gone during his 2-week training, I started watching the very first episode.

Fast forward to 2am and 5 episodes later.....I was hooked.  My Marine was not happy.

Now while I'm really not a big fan of the show's story plots.....I AM a HUGE fan of the musical performances.  Music is a HUGE part of our lives here in the Toy Box household.  Our music collection ranges from Beethoven to Rob Zombie......from classical to techno.....from Eastern European folk music to good ole' USA country.  And now I can just add the Glee soundtracks to that ever growing list (much to the horror of My Marine who is NOT by any far stretch a Gleek)

But I did start sneaking in some of the songs from Glee into some of my mix playlists.  During one drive, "Light Up the World" started to play.  I could see his fingers tapping on the steering wheel and when the song was over he asked me, "Who was that?"  I smiled with "glee" (pardon the pun!) and told him that it was the cast of Glee.  The look of horror on his face was priceless. 

He looked like he was ready to dip his hands in bleach to erase the fact that he was actually be-bopping along to a Glee song.  Oh the horror!

We've got some road trips coming up over the next two months.  Total driving about 8 days on the road.  I've already started planning my playlists.  A friend of mine recently offered me a golden opportunity.....the ENTIRE Glee soundtrack -- all songs, all seasons, including the Christmas CDs.  I jumped at the opportunity and just the other day this beautiful piece of gold appeared in my mailbox.

341 songs and 19 hours of Glee music! 

Oh the fun I'm going to have with My Marine!  Trapped in a car with me for 14 hours a day and randomly placed "Glee bombs" in our music selections. 

Shhhhh....don't tell him....but I'm thinking about hijacking his workout playlist too.....


Vivian March 15, 2012 at 4:16 PM  

Jenn...I agree...the storyline of Glee is not my favorite...but the music is absolutely amazing!!!!

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