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>> Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When My Marine left, I expected behavioral problems from Nani and Nudgie.  I was prepared for that.

What I wasn't prepared for was behavioral problems from my dog.  I'm seriously ready to call the Dog Whisperer and send her into some sort of puppy therapy.

Or send her to the pound......

It's not like My Marine hasn't been gone before.  He has....and she has never acted up this badly when he's been gone before.  But this time? 

I'm seriously ready to drive her into the mountains, drop her off, and leave her for the bears.

So far, she's eaten:

1)  My lunch - twice
2)  My dinner - at least 4 times
3)  2 dozen chocolate chip cookies
4)  A bag of marshmallows
5)  A box of cereal
6)  A box of granola bars

She's gotten into the trash more times than I can count....and has developed a love of Nudgie's pull-ups.  Fortunately, she's potty trained and wears them only at night...and has been dry....but still.....

And then Sunday morning....I came downstairs to this:

Needless to say, Nani and Nudgie spent the morning earning some of their things back by cleaning this up.

I can't help it.....I get so angry at her....and then put her in doggy time out......

Yes...the cage is on it's side.  And that's because she's smart enough to figure out how to pull the door off....but she's too dumb to figure out how to tip the cage back down so she can get out.  I hate this dog....

Ok....I lied....I really do love this dog.  But not that much.  She loves My Marine more....

Frankly....if there was a way I could ship her off in a care package I would.


Masshole Mommy August 8, 2012 at 4:43 AM  

Oh boy....that's quite a mess. I wouldn't have been too happy, either. When I got remarried in 2010, my husband and step son came with a dog. He was a nice dog, but he came with the promise that my step son would care for him - which he didn't, so the dog had to go. I felt bad because he was a nice dog, but I was very up front that I had little kids to care for and didn't want the added responsibility of the dog.

Meredith @ Wait Til Your Father Gets Home August 8, 2012 at 8:40 PM  

Oh dear. I feel your pain. My dogs both love my hubby, and when he's away on business they are not happy campers. I hope it gets better for you!!

Thanks so much for linking up with the Creative Headquarters Blog Hop! I hope you'll be joining us next week too! Stop by again tomorrow evening for our Keep Calm and Link Up's going to be a blast. I'm your newest follower :o)

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