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>> Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I was getting ready to do my usual morning post on my FB fitness page - Mission "Slim-Possible".  I like to post something fun and inspirational and share my continuing journey to getting fit.  This the inspirational post I was going to share today.

This hit me hard.  Reading this made me think.....2 years ago was when I started my journey.  I've had huge successes, huge set-backs, weight losses, weight gains....and I've started over again more times than I can count.

But each time I started over, I wasn't the same person that I started as.......

This person started off at the heaviest I had ever been......a little over 170 pounds.  This person couldn't make it up the stairs in the gym without having to catch her breath at the top.  This person couldn't make it through 30-minutes on the elliptical without having to stop and breathe.  This person's highest level on the elliptical was the lowest setting possible.  This person couldn't handle 5lb free weights, do a plank, do a roundhouse kick, do a crunch of any kind.

But slowly, I gained strength, stamina and confidence.

I got stronger......I hit milestones.....I lost the weight and got in shape.

But then My Marine came home from deployment and real life kicked in.....and with that came the cycle of "taking a break" and "starting over".  The weight would creep back on, then off, then on again.  But I NEVER hit that highest weight again.

I realized though, that when I started over, I was never in that beginning stage.  I may have lost a little in my strength and stamina, but I recovered quickly.  It didn't take me as long to get into that groove again.  And no matter how many times I begin again, I noticed that:

The stairs are still easy.
I can hold the planks are longer.
I now can get through a 45-55 minute workout, slowing down just for water breaks.
Those songs on my elliptical playlist used to be my "hard" workout are now my cool-down.
I'm now lifting 4-5x more than my original start.

My point is this......no matter how many "breaks" you take, when you start back up again, you are never "back to the beginning".  You are so much further along than you are when you started.  You ARE stronger.  You ARE fitter.  You KNOW what you're capable of.

Start again as many times as you need.  But keep starting and know that no matter how many times you begin again, you're not beginning for the first time.

And if that's not progress, then I don't know what is!


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