Why I Don't Take Selfies At The Gym

>> Friday, February 6, 2015

I got a PM yesterday from one of my "likes" on my fitness page - "Mission Slim-Possible" asking why I don't take more pictures of myself in the gym.  She said she likes my page but wanted to see more of my workouts.  And while I appreciate the question and the fact that she wants to see more, there's a couple reasons why I don't post more gym pictures.

I go to a gym on the base.  I am surrounded by Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and retirees who take their workouts very, very seriously.  I'm self-conscious as it is walking in to that gym and I try to blend in and make myself as inconspicuous as possible.  I'd rather not call attention to myself by whipping out my phone to take a picture of my 15lb weights when the gal next to me can lift 4x that and kick my ass just by blinking!

No Time:
I don't have time to take a selfie in the weight room.  I'm too busy setting up my next set, daydreaming, trying to breathe normally, mentally rocking out to whatever song is on my iPod, or postponing my next set as much as possible by slowly strolling to my water bottle cleverly stored in the cubicle in the hallway.

Location, Location, Location:
You will see the occasional locker-room selfie montage.....but even then, I feel like I have to sneak into a far corner behind the bathroom stall, pretend like I'm talking on the phone and then snap a quickie.

I Suck At Selfies:
I'm HORRIBLE at taking selfies.  Mine usually end up looking like Nudgie got a hold of my camera.

Now, when I workout here at home, I'll take a couple pictures to post or call Nani down to be my "professional" photographer.  She's pretty good at taking action shots.....blurring them so much that it looks like I'm moving faster than I actually am.

So there you have it.....why I don't take selfies at the gym.  If you really want to see proof that I workout, then come to the gym with me........and we can hide together!


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