Are There Ever Enough Hugs?

>> Thursday, May 7, 2009

I was watching a DVR'd episode of Dr. Phil last night and it was about parenting boot camp. I was astounded to watch some of these parents and what they had to say about their children. Granted, there are some challenging kids out there. And some kids truly need boot camp. Heck, even some parents need a boot camp! But after seeing this episode, it made me realize that, you know what - I'm not that bad of a parent after all.

What struck me the most was one mother, Tammie, who said her 11-year-old daughter is stubborn, uncooperative and annoying. She says she follows her around and that she finds that wierd. She said that her daughter is always wanting hugs and she finds that she has no desire to even hug her back or even feel affection for her.

I'm sorry, could you repeat that? You have no desire to hug your own child? REALLY?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

I don't know about you - but I can't get ENOUGH hugs from my daughter. My youngest is too young to actually hug, but I love nothing more than picking her up, squeezing the stuffin' out of her and hearing her giggle. I can't get enough of my oldest coming up to me and saying - "Mommy - gimmee B-I-G hugs!" I love that she wants to give hugs - and that she gives them so freely. She'll hug anyone and anything (with mommy & daddy's permission, of course). She loves hugging her baby sister, her daddy, and her best friend "Mitzi" (our German Shepherd). It brings a tear to my eye to see her hug her beloved teddy bear, Nanuck, with all the passion in the world. One day I even caught her hugging the vacuum cleaner.

I suppose we tried to teach by example. She sees me & her daddy hugging all the time. She sees me hugging friends hello and goodbye. She sees me hugging when a friend needs comfort or support. Hugging is just a part of our everyday life. To not hug is like telling me not to breathe.

I know that there may come a day when hugs may be an embarrassment to her. There may be a day when she'll catch me & my husband hugging and she may roll her eyes and say, "Ewwwww....". There may be a day when a hug from her mom in public will be worse than getting a zit on her face the day of a big date. There may be a day when I'll get in bed that night and realize that not once did I hear, "Mommy - gimmee B-I-G hugs!" And there may be a day when Nanuck will sit, neglected, in that Toy Box just waiting for one more hug.

I'm hoping those days never come.........

I feel so sorry for that mom who can't hug her child. She is really missing out........

Now excuse me as I go hug my kids.........


Tiff May 7, 2009 at 7:22 PM  

WHy in the world did she have kids in the first place! Kids are meant to be hugged . . It's in the manual. I guess she didn't get that memo. LOL I love getting hugs from my kiddos. It means the world to me!

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