Nani's Birthday

>> Tuesday, January 18, 2011

As I was going through some of my past posts recently, I realized that I never posted any pictures of Nani's 6th birthday! Silly mommy!  So, even though it was in December - I'm still sharing some photos!

Nani's birthday fell on a Friday, so as a treat, we took cupcakes and goody bags to her class.

Christmas-themed cupcakes for class

Getting a present from her teacher, Miss Hartline
 That night, we had a special birthday dinner, cake and presents just for our family.

On Saturday, we had a little party for some of her friends.

Little Mermaid cupcakes

We played "Put the Ornaments" on the tree as a party game.  The kids LOVED it!

And then finally on Sunday, we celebrated my birthday and Nani's birthday with my good friend Cindy and her family.  I made Nani a special ballerina cake just for the occasion!

The leotard was the cake part and I made a tulle tutu for Nani which we put at the bottom of the cake

Posing like a ballerina!


Christy January 18, 2011 at 5:44 AM  

Very cute. Happy Belated Birthday Nani!

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