We Went Out On A Date And A Fight Broke Out

>> Saturday, May 7, 2011

During my mom's last weekend here, My Marine and I decided to go out.  We had dinner at a local BBQ place and then headed over to a local bar, for what we thought was going to be an awesome night listening to some rock music.

Little did we know......

We pull in to the parking lot to find it almost full -- and this was close to 8pm.  Hmmmm.....something strange was afoot.....When we walked in, hubby realized that it was the night of a big UFC fight.  Great.....just great......

We managed to find a table at the bar and as I sat down I was thinking that I should run back to the car to pick up the book that I left in the backseat.  Now don't get me wrong.  I love watching sports -- I love football and hockey and absolutely LOVE watching the Winter and Summer X-Games.  I have an open mind.  But hanging in a bar and watching grown men hit and kick each other to a bloody pulp was NOT my idea of a fun date night.

But I have to say, that I was a bit intrigued.  As I started watching one fight, I thought to myself, this isn't so bad.  They danced around the ring a bit.....gave a few kicks....a few punches...and then it was over.  No beatings, no blood, no broken limbs.  I thought I could get into this......

And then it happened.....the next fight started.  And my naive delusions of UFC fights were dashed as I watched UFC fighter Mark Hominick start off looking like this.....

And end up looking like this after he took an elbow to the head.  (He was later quoted as saying "it was only a flesh wound....")

Kind of looks a little like Hellboy, don't you think?

And even though it was brutal and bloody and barbaric, I couldn't help myself.  I kept watching.  I watched as the ring doctor kept checking to see if he could see.  Dude - he's got a hematoma the size of Delaware on his head and they kept the fight going.  I watched as they took what looked like a plaster spatula

and started to squish the bulging skin on his head....like this was something they do every day.  Ok, so it probably IS something they do every day....but it's not something I SEE every day.  I couldn't turn away....mostly because every where I turned my head there was a TV.  It was like a car wreck.....you just couldn't help yourself.

And all through this, the guy at the next table is laughing himself stupid over my reactions to the fight.  Before he left he thanked me for an entertaining evening saying that he had more fun watching me than the fight.  Thanks dude -- glad I could enhance your evening's entertainment.

And the band?  Oh yeah -- remember the band we were supposed to see?  After the fight, they played 4 songs and then took a break.  We left.

I don't think I'm a converted fan by any means.  I'll stick with hockey and football...thank you very much.  And as an FYI - I'M planning the next date night.......


MaryAnne May 7, 2011 at 12:25 PM  

Ugh. Definitely not my sport!

May May 8, 2011 at 12:19 PM  

Happy mothers day to you,am your newest follower from the hop,looking forward in reading more of your post.pls return the love.Thanks

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