Pittsburgh - Day 1

>> Monday, May 7, 2012

Our first day back in Pittsburgh!

We took the girls to breakfast at Eat-n-Park - home of the famous Smiley Face Cookies and our favorite Superburger Combination.

After a yummy breakfast, we headed down to the Carnegie Science Center.  Neither I or My Marine have ever been there, so it was a big treat for us all.  And boy, were we NOT disappointed!  This is an AMAZING place for both adults and kids! 

They had one whole floor just for robotics.  Nudgie was pretty excited to see C-3PO.....not so much with R2-D2.  And we all enjoyed watching the giant computer arm play basketball against a human --- and win!

From there we went to the miniature railroad and village exhibit.  This was just absolutely amazing!!  I remember seeing something similar at the Buhl Planetarium when I was a kid.  Even now, I'm still in awe over the tiny moving miniature exhibits.  The girls just LOVED it!!

A few other highlights were building a structure to see if it would withstand an earthquake.....

And playing with the Google maps exhibit and finding our house in Colorado.  Funny thing is that it shows our old Eclipse parked on the street......and we haven't had that car in almost 9 months!

Overall it was a lot of fun for both us and the kids!!  If you're ever in the Pittsburgh area, I HIGHLY recommend adding the Carnegie Science Museum to you list of "Must-Sees!"

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