Thankful Thursday - 5/10

>> Thursday, May 10, 2012

During this upcoming deployment, I wanted to set aside some time to focus on gratitude.  I wanted to make sure that I and my girls focus on good things.....and not just boo-hoo'ing over the fact that My Marine is gone.  (Not that we won't have those kind of days of course!)  And while searching for clipart to accompany this weekly posts, I stumbled across the above verse and just loved it.  In fact.....I'll be printing it out and adding it to my inspiration board that I'm creating as well.  (More on that later!)

But in the meantime.....this week my gratitude covers so much!

  • That we were able to make two road trips over two months and that we all remained safe and healthy!
  • That my mom is able to come out to Colorado for a few weeks.  She'll be here for Nani's dance recital and to help me get ready for deployment during the month of June when My Marine will be gone for the majority of the month training.
  • That my mom and daddy basically took our girls for the entire time we were in Pittsburgh and gave me and My Marine the gift of a couple days by ourselves in a hotel.  My girls spent 10 glorious days being spoiled rotten by Bubbie and Grandpap and making memories they will have forever!
  • For extremely supportive and loving friends who are offering all sorts of support and encouragement as we prepare for our deployment.  The offers of coffee, babysitting, and even just a shoulder to cry on are pouring in.....and I am just overwhelmed.
  • That I finally got my Daddy on Facebook!
  • And again to my mom, while I was in Pittsburgh, for passing on to me a pair of earrings that belonged to my grandmother as well as a pair of her own gold earrings.
  • For Primanti's sandwiches, Eat-n-Park Superburgers, good halushki, and hunky music!

So what are YOU grateful for this week?


MaryAnne K May 11, 2012 at 2:53 PM  

I am grateful for sunshine today after a week of rain!!! Also that we were healthy this week :)

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