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>> Thursday, August 30, 2012

I keep telling My Marine whenever I have a chance to talk to him that he doesn't need to worry about us because we are very well taken care of!  We have been blessed in so many ways.....I'm just so overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support we've gotten so far.  I need to thank so many....and if I've forgotten you....please know that it wasn't intentional!

So, I'd like to start my Thank You list for the past month.....

  • Thank you to my friend Suzanne who sends her husband, Bill over every Tuesday since My Marine left cut my grass.
  • Thank you to my friend, Robin, who has "enrolled" me in the cupcake of the month club.  She has promised, on the first of the month, to bring me cupcakes.  If you knew Robin, you'd know her cupcakes are like GOLD.  Robin has also offered babysitting once a month so that I can have a break whenever I need it.
  • Thank you to the Anonymous Angel who snuck a Starbucks giftcard under my front door.

  • Thank you to another Anonymous Angel who sent us a $25 dinner gift card and a $25 Kindle gift card

  • Thank you to my friend Carrie for giving us all the preschool curriculum for Nudgie
  • Thank you to my friend Tracee, who sent me and the girls a very unexpected care package!
  • Thank you to my "sister", Heather, who came and watched the girls so that I could have a night out!
  • Thank you to my friend Stephanie who brought me wine when I was having a bad day.
  • Thank you to my friend Charlene who is always there when I need her....whether it's wine & chocolate or a meal when I'm sick.
  • Thank you to my friend Tara who provided the girls and me with a yummy dinner, cookies, and a mini bottle of wine.  (The wine was for me....not the girls....)
  • Thank you to the chocolate fairy who left these on my doorstep

I don't think I could even ever begin to repay the kindness that's already been shown to us!!

Lord - thank you for surrounding me with angels to watch over me and the girls.  You have blessed us with such caring and giving friends.  I only hope, Lord, that we may be able to share our blessings with others in need.  Help us to see the need and fill it.  Allow us to bless others as we have been blessed.  Amen!


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