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>> Monday, November 19, 2012

As I was going through my pictures, moving them to my external hard drive, I came across these pictures from Nudgie's first day of preschool......and then it hit me.....

I never wrote about my baby's first day of school!

Worst.....Mother.....Ever! they are....a little late....but better late than never, right???

The "Back To School Fairy" paid a visit to Nudgie too......just like big sister!  Except she left Nudgie a brand new book about going to preschool.  She was so thrilled that she got a visit from the Fairy!!

She also got the big girl, first day of school special breakfast too!
I think Nudgie was a little worried that preschool wouldn't have enough books, so she decided to bring her own from home.
I love the look on her face when I caught her!
Before we left for school, we had to take our tradition school pictures in front of the tree in our yard.  We started this tradition with Nani when she started preschool, and plan on continuing!  Also - the outfit that Nudgie is wearing is the same one that Nani wore on HER first day of preschool!

Proud big sister!
Since Daddy couldn't be with us, we took Daddy Doll to school.  He spent the whole first day with her....watching from Nudgie's cubby!
I love that her preschool also shows you what they're going to be doing that day.  I am just so blessed that both my girls were able to attend this caring, God-loving preschool!


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