Chippy - Recap

>> Friday, December 28, 2012

Chippy plays Christmas Bingo with the Daddy Dolls
(Santa Bear is calling the "numbers")

Chippy got stuck while trying to sneak a snack from the Treat Jar

Chippy decided this was the year to fulfill a life-long dream of ziplining

No hockey season? 
Doesn't stop Chippy from taking a few practice slapshots!

Channelling his inner Mission Impossible and tries to get into the microwave for my friend, Robin's, yummy cupcakes!

Chippy thought My Marine's picture could use a little sprucing up!

All those impish antics made him hungry for a little snack. 
PB and J with ice cold milk hit the spot!

Chippy helped me out by stamping all the Christmas cards!

Spelling out "HI" with candy canes!

Snitching a taste of Nani's birthday cake

The stockings were hung on the railing with care....thank you Chippy!

Chippy took advantage of his last night with his Santa friends 
by bonding over toasted marshmallows


Michelle December 29, 2012 at 2:07 PM  

Love that fire!!! Such cute ideas in this post!!!!

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