Christmas - Deployment Style (Part II)

>> Monday, January 7, 2013

As I mentioned in my previous Christmas post, Christmas was very lowkey here this year.  I had no family visiting and it was just me, the girls, and the dog.

The best present of all on Christmas morning was that My Marine was able to Skype in and watch the girls open their gifts.  They were so excited to see Daddy that it took them a minute to realize that Santa had even visited!

Once they got settled and started opening their gifts, they were two very happy little girls!

Nani got her American Girl doll, her sewing machine, lots of clothes & books, and a Nook from Bubbe & Grandpap.


Nudgie was a happy little girl because she got her bicycle from Santa, her Angry Birds game & puzzle, and a "computer" from Bubbe and Grandpap

Zoja was happy because she got some new chewies....

But she wasn't happy when we forgot that she was outside!

The girls even goofed off for Daddy!

I think he was happy to be able to see them too.  Much different than when he was deployed the first time!

The rest of the day involved lots of relaxing, playing with new toys, and reading new books.  We also had our traditional Christmas Night sleepover.  I pull out the couch and the girls use their sleeping bags on the floor and we stay up watching Christmas movies and eating popcorn by treelight.    That tradition actually ended up going through the whole Christmas break! 

While I'm not one to rush the holidays, I'm kind of glad (a teeny bit) that they're over.  I did it...I made it through....barely....but I made it through!


Michelle January 7, 2013 at 11:06 AM  

love living room sleepovers! Those are some of my best memories from being a kid too!

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