January No Spend/Low Spend Challenge

>> Thursday, January 2, 2014

Like everyone else, I'm setting goals.  I hate to call them resolutions.....I like goals better.  And like everyone else, I start off with good intentions and then life gets in the way.  But hey.....who says we can't try again.....and again.....and again......

My friend Carla has been doing a No Spend/Low Spend challenge on her blog for awhile now.  I envy people who can budget and plan on saving & planning where their money is spent.  It's something I've struggled with ever since I started earning my own money.  But, I'm going to try again.....and try a little harder this time.  Over at Carla's blog "My 1/2 Dozen Daily", she's started her January challenge and invites you to come and share what your goals are for January.  She also handmakes the COOLEST stuff and is offering one of her readers a chance to win a custom made wallet just for checking in each week.  I'm all about that!

So, I give you my January Goals:

  1. No impulse spending unless I can use my gift cards -- no books, no clothes, no toys, no craft supplies
  2. Track spending & bills to help me start planning a budget.
  3. No fast food or eating out
  4. Meal plan - using what's here & buying only necessary food items
  5. Research making my own cleaning products (cost effectiveness, etc.)
  6. Declutter and sort through items which can be sold on FB garage sale sites.  Set a goal of trying to earn $50 cash.
  7. Take items to consignment for credit for future use. 
  8. Start rebuilding savings accounts for the girls and our emergency fund using this model:

And there it is......small & simple!

What about you?  What are your financial goals for January?
~~ Jennifer


~Carla~ January 2, 2014 at 7:54 AM  

Great goals, Jen! :) I think i'm going to use that savings plan in January... still thinking about it, but it's a nice & easy way to build up savings! Good luck with your goals!

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