January No Spend/Low Spend Challenge - Week #2

>> Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm a little late with my weekly update....mostly because I just didn't want to update!  Ha!  So, here's my Week #2 update......

Weekly Check In - 1/8 through 1/15:

No impulse spending unless I can use my gift cards -- no books, no clothes, no toys, no craft supplies:  Did very well here.  I did add a couple impulse buys to my grocery cart when I went shopping.  And by impulse, I mean it wasn't on my list, but needed -- like contact drops.  Bottom line, you can't spend money if you don't have it!

Track spending and bills to help me start planning a budget.
Still working on this.  I'm trying to find a system that works for me -- and one where I remember to write everything down.

No fast food or eating out.
Did GREAT here!  No fast food or eating out....at ALL! 

Meal plan - using what's here and buying only necessary food items.
Again - did very well with this.  On payday, I did a HUGE grocery shopping.....using most of my monthly grocery budget to restock the pantry, freezer & fridge.  Aside from buying items like milk & fresh veggies, we're pretty set!

Research making my own cleaning products (cost effectiveness, etc.)
As part of my grocery list, I purchased the items needed to make my own cleaning products.  Just the other day I made a homemade toilet scrub, homemade bathtub scrub, and homemade floor cleaner for my bathroom.  I'm happy to say that they all worked incredibly well and I will definitely be using them again!

Declutter and sort through items which can be sold on FB garage sale sites. Set a goal of trying to earn $50 cash.
I started my fund at $33 for the month, but ended up having to dip into this to give My Marine $20 for a haircut and gas.  So I'm down to $13 in this fund.  BUT.....I listed a whole bunch of stuff for sale yesterday and have sold a few items already.  If everyone picks up as promised, I should hit my $50 by this weekend.

Take items to consignment for credit for future use.
Still trying to find the time to take some stuff to the consignment store!

Start rebuilding savings accounts for the girls and our emergency fund.
I was not able to do this this payday.  I had some other bills I needed to get caught up on first.  Hopefully I'll be able to do this our next payday!

Bring on Week #3!


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