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>> Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If you've been reading my blog over the past month or so, you'll know that I started reading "Hands-Free Mama" by Rachel Macy Stafford and have chosen to be more deliberate in going "hands-free" with my family.

I'll be honest and tell you that cutting back on the technology hasn't been easy....it's downright hard.  And certainly eye-opening to realize how much I have become dependent on it.  I could see how it became such a big part of me -- especially when My Marine was deployed.  It was our lifeline.  I had to keep it with me 24/7, checking constantly to see if he was online, hoping for just a few seconds to say hi and that I love you.  But what was the excuse when he got home?  There was none....except for one simple word -- addiction.

And even now that My Marine is home, technology still continued to rob me of the precious time I could be spending with my family. 

So on Sunday, after church, we had some lunch and the girls played out in the backyard.  It was such a beautiful day....the sun was shining, there was a warm breeze blowing.  Something whispered to me -- go enjoy the day.  Put everything down and go enjoy the day.  At that moment, I just decided to unplug....completely.  I made a quick post on FB and then shut the computer off.  I left my phone on the kitchen counter and turned the ringer off.  And then I went outside with my girls.

It was the best afternoon we had spent together in a long time.

We sat on the driveway and made a giant chalk mural to show My Marine when he came home from drill.  I loved hearing the girls say, "Wow Mommy.....you draw good flowers" and loved Nani showing me the Blackhawk that she drew for Daddy (even though it looked a little like a fish from The Lorax).

We played ball with Zoja.....laughing as she'd jump to try to catch the ball and end up bumping it with her nose.  I watched as the girls played nicely together....taking turns throwing the ball, seeing who could make Zoja jump the highest.

We all were fascinated with watching the ladybug that landed on my shoulder and whispered quietly together as we watched it crawl up and over my fingers before finally flying away.

I watched my girls ride their bikes....taking dolls and stuffed dogs for rides in their bike baskets, wind whipping their hair into and around their faces.  Their joyful smiles and giggles infecting me so that I, too, would soon be laughing with them.

We sat on the grass with dolls and stuffed animal and read books and sipped lemonade.  We lay on our backs and inspected the branches of our tree, looking to see if there were any new sprouts waiting to bloom.

When we finally went into the house to get ready for dinner, I glanced at my phone.  I had some missed texts and phone calls, but you know what.....the world still went on.

As I sat at dinner that night, listening to the girls chatter on to My Marine about what we did that day, I knew I made the right choice.....and knew that this was something I had to do and will continue to do........


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