Summer Bucket List 2014

>> Monday, May 19, 2014

I love lists.  I love color-coding.  I love Summer Vacation.  Put them all together and you have our Summer Bucket List!!!

The girls only have about 10/11 days of school left.  Kindergarten "graduates" a day early, so Nudgie will start her Summer Break a day before Nani.  But no matter when they start, we've got a fun summer planned!
We didn't do much of a Summer Bucket list last summer.  My Marine had just gotten home from deployment, so we didn't want to fill up the days....instead, giving him the option of deciding of what he wanted to do.  Most of our days were full with just being together as a family.

This year, My Marine will be gone for most of the summer between training and school, so it was time to dust off the calendar and get some activities planned for the girls.  So, I resurrected the color-coded post it notes and got to work!
Summer Calendar Bucket List for June.
It will change for each calendar month.

 The calendar is broken down into categories:

"Snuggle Time" Sunday
"On the Move" Monday
"Time to Read" Tuesday
"What's Cooking" Wednesday
"That's Art" Thursday
"Finding Fun" Friday

I don't have a "theme" for Saturday.....because Nani & Nudgie will have guitar & ballet lessons on Saturday mornings and then we'll make our weekly trip to the Farmer's Market.

For each theme day, I have a list of suggested activities that we can choose from as well.

Now, before I get any comments about being "strict" or "scheduling every second" or "allowing my kids to enjoy their summer break", I have to say that:

1)  My kids ASKED if I was going to do this again for them.  They love having ideas to pick & choose from and have fun adding ideas to the list;

2)  This is a very LOOSE idea for the summer.  They are free, every day to do as they choose and we are very flexible about our summer days.

3)  The only thing I am strict about is their reading.  They will read every day.....whether it's at bedtime or some time during the day, but they will read at least 30-minutes a day. 

Do YOU have a Summer Bucket List?  If so, share your ideas or blog post in the comments!  I would love to see what some of you are doing!



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