Cardio Vs. Weights? What Do You Think?

>> Saturday, June 21, 2014

I have a specific "list" on my Facebook feed for fitness/weight loss/healthy living groups & pages, and over the past few days, I've seen some articles about cardio vs. weight training.

One was about cardio vs. weight training and should you do more of one than the other.  You can find that article HERE

The other one was again about cardio vs. weight training...but was which one should you do first.  You can find that article HERE

I wanted to read more and as I googled the topic and found a bunch of different articles saying why one was better than the other....why you should do one first before the other.  I'd read one article by an "expert" only to find a contradicting one by another "expert" shortly after.  I found that there was one thing that even the "experts" could agree upon -- it all depends on what your goals are.  In the end, there is no "right" answer.

I am, by no means, a workout expert.  I am not certified or trained.  I'm just a mom trying to get healthy and in shape.  All I can tell you is what worked/works for me.......and it's doing both.

When I first got serious about this journey, I started off with cardio only.  Every day.  It was amazing....the pounds dropped.  But then I started with my trainer at Finding Fitness LLC,  While I was doing lots of cardio, he also added some weight training to the mix. 

I was immediately hooked.....especially when I started to see a difference in the shape of my body.  When I would meet my friend at the gym, we'd do cardio first (for me, it was the elliptical) and then we'd use the machines in the weight room.  (Cardio first/Weights second).  Again -- it worked for me.

When My Marine came home from deployment and we started to go to the gym together, my routine was flip-flopped.......we started with weights and then finished with cardio.....usually a 45min/45min split.  I will say that I found that I liked this much more.  I can't quite explain why.....I just felt that I was working & pushing harder when I did weights first.

And I LOVED the weights.  I wanted to learn more.  I wanted to perfect my technique.  I bought books on different weight training programs, read articles, watched YouTube videos.  I.....LOVE....WEIGHTS!

And let me address one myth out there.....unless you are training for body building competitions....lifting weights will NOT make you big and bulky.  Let me say this again......LIFTING WEIGHTS WILL NOT MAKE YOU BIG AND BULKY!

So, where do I come down on the cardio vs. weights? 

I do both.....and when I'm at the gym, I do weights first, then finish with cardio.  Right now, I'm doing a hybrid workout of Les Mills Combat and Les Mills Pump.  The workout combines the two programs so that I'm getting the best of both worlds.....and I haven't been this psyched to start a workout since I got my TurboJam over a year ago!

Bottom line -- it's YOUR choice!  Listen to your body and do what works for YOU!

What do you think?  Where do you stand on the debate?


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