That's Art Thursday - DIY Flip Flops & Superglued Fingers........

>> Friday, June 6, 2014

Yesterday on our Summer Calendar was "That's Art" Thursday.  This is the day where we do crafts, art projects and any other creative things that I come up with.  Yesterday, we decided to decorate our flip flops.

Before summer break started, I purchased some flip flops and the accompanying DIY bling to go along with it.  Pink for Nani, purple for Nudgie, and black for Mommy.

What I failed to notice at the time was that the little "bling" that came in the packets were not self-adhesive nor did the packet give any suggestion on how to attach them to said flip flops.  I didn't want to use hot glue because it would melt the plastic strap on the flip flops, so I decided to go with the trusty Super Glue idea.  If it can attach a man and his hard hat to a steel beam....SURELY it would attach little plastic butterflies to a sandal strap.

So we got to work.  The girls painstakingly decided the order of their bling.....changing it a few times before settling on a final design and are ready to begin gluing.


And this, my friends is where things started to go horribly wrong.  I told the girls that because the glue was super strong, they could hand me their bling and I would put a dab of glue on for them and then they could stick it on themselves.  This ended with an endless loop of:

"No, no Nudgie!!!  Don't touch your hair!!!"

"Nani!!!  Don't put your fingers near your eyes!"

"Nudgie.....I don't care if your face has an itchy.....your fingers will stick to your cheek and then you'll have to go to first grade like that!"

Too bad Mommy didn't take her own advice.

While the flip flops turned out adorable....I discovered they they are really only meant for picture purposes....and not for walking around.  Once the girls started wearing them around the house, bling started popping off like little Mexican jumping beans.  At least I knew where they were in the house.....all I had to do was follow the trail of sparkly flowers and butterflies......  I even found a flower stuck to the dog's nose.

I promised the girls after dinner that I would reattach their precious butterflies and flowers.  I soon discovered that even though the product gives you that cute little pin to stick in the top of the tube, it will still glue itself shut......forcing you to squeeze and squeeze until you hear a pop and Superglue spews forth like Old Faithful......all over your hands.....gluing not only the container to your fingers, but two flipflops as well.

While My Marine laughs hysterically watching me shake my hands rapidly trying to get this shit off my hands, the girls wander in and ask if they can wear their flipflops yet.  While giving them the "Evil Mommy Look of Death", I tell them with gritted teeth that they will have to wait until the morning to wear them.

In the meantime, we finally get the flipflops and the tube off my hands (along with a couple layers of skin).  The first two fingers of my left hand are stuck together and the middle finger of my right hand is coated in glue and I'm unable to bend it.  (Ironic, don't you think?!)  My fingers feel like they've been dipped in wax and left to harden. 

I try just washing my hands.  No joy.

I tried nail polish remover.  No luck.

I googled "fingers stuck together" and was treated to a slew of images that my brain just cannot unsee.  (Try typing with two fingers stuck's a fun challenge, I swear!)

I tried a "tried and true" remedy of making a salt paste to scrub my fingers.....basically a good old exfoliator that was anything but tried and true.

Finally, I resigned myself that I was just going to have to do this the old fashioned way.....pick it off little by little.

When I went up to bed, I looked on the table to see that once again, the little blings had popped off the flipflops.  I picked one up, threw it outside into the raging thunderstorm we had going on, and on my way upstairs, shouted down to My Marine that I was taking the girls shoe shopping the next day.


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