Acts of Christmas Kindness - Week #1 Summary

>> Tuesday, December 9, 2014

On December 1st, we started our Acts of Christmas Kindness calendar.  I was so excited to get started, and once we got going, the girls would race downstairs to read that day's Bible verse and act for the day.  (You can see the original post and the calendar here.)

Overall, the first week went very well.  Here's a brief summary of our first week!

December 1 - Take bag to Denver Mission:
We've been saving bags for a few weeks now.  We took three bags and one box full of clothes, blankets, toys & stuffed animals.

December 2 - Pay it forward with girls' clothes:
I've been holding on to clothes the girls have outgrown.  I thought I'd get my act together to either sell them myself or take them to a consignment store.  Never happened.  So instead, I put them all into one big bag (along with some games, books & toys) and gave them to a dear friend of ours who has the most adorable little 2 year old girl!

December 3 - Take Toys for Tots:
Over the past 6 months, we started a place in our garage where we'd keep a box for items we would donate to Toys for Tots.  The girls each picked an item to purchase themselves (Nani purchased an "Ever After" book and Nudgie chose an Anna doll).  We put those in our collection along with everything else and dropped them off at a local garage who served as a drop-off.

December 4 - Donate coffee to soldiers overseas:
For awhile, I've been donating coffee to soldiers deployed overseas using Green Beans Coffee's Cup of Joe for a Joe program.  (Click here to go and check out the site!)  It just takes a minute and as little as $2 to donate a hot cup of coffee to a soldier serving overseas.  I've already gotten two "thank you" messages!


December 5 - Pay it forward with girls' books:
Originally, today we were going to tape popcorn to the Redbox kiosks, but I shuffled some things around since, today, I was seeing the person who would benefit from today's act.  Anyway, Nudgie is doing very well with her reading and I had a box of books, again, just sitting around waiting for me to either sell or consign.  My friend's little girl is in Kindergarten and is learning to read, so a lot of these books would be very helpful to well as her little boy who is in preschool.  We just love sharing books, so this was a very easy act for us today!

December 6 - Distribute candy canes with St. Nicholas prayer:
Today was the Feast Day of St. Nicholas.  I really wanted us to do something connected to this very special Saint.  So, after some google searching and Pinterest-ing, I found this amazing St. Nicholas Day Blessing of the Candy Canes (which you can download here).  I bought a box of candy canes, taped the blessing to them.  The girls and I said a little prayer over them and then went off to the base.  We distributed half to people we'd see and the other half we placed on random windshields.

Day 7 - Tape popcorn to Redbox kiosks: Today we were able to get out and tape our popcorn to Redbox kiosks.  Again, thanks to Pinterest and Google, I found this cute little RAK printable on Simply Living For HimWe printed them out and taped them to microwave popcorn, which we taped to the Redbox kiosk in our local Safeway.

So, there it is!  Our first week of Christmas Kindness!  I will say, that in the first week, I have noticed some small blessings coming back our way as well!  Our whole intention in doing this is not to see what we can get in return.  One friend asked me, "aren't you worried about what someone might say or just throw it away?".....and my answer is "No".  I cannot control how people respond to our kindness.....but we can still put our kindness out there.....regardless of anyone's reaction.  Our hope is to spread light & love.



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