Saving & Giving Challenge - Days #3 and #4

>> Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day #3:
Today, the real challenge begins for me.  It's pay day AND I have to go grocery shopping.  Those first two days were freebies.....but the real work begins today.  Last night I sat and planned some menus and made my list.  I felt like I was taking a test and the clock was ticking down until the buzzer sounded........BUZZZZZZZZ!!!  Time's up, pencils down.....your list is complete.  If it's not on the list, you can't have it.

And guess what......I did it!  I stuck to the list!

Another goal of mine this month is to track our grocery budget for the month.  I usually go grocery shopping every pay day (twice a month), and spend about the same amount each I KNOW there's room to cut back!

A couple of other accomplishments today:

*I also stopped and filled up the gas tank  -- which was a planned spend.  I also need to look at my calendar and figure out how to combine days to run errands, etc.  BUT....if I'm not spending, then guess what....I'm not driving....which means saving money in gas!  I'm tracking to see how long it will be before I have to fill up again.

*I turned off all the notifications for all the FB garage sale sites that I'm a member of.  I used them mostly for selling, but occasionally would buy something off there.  No sense in tempting myself, so off they go!

*I posted on my page that I ask all those friends who have businesses to please NOT add me to any special sale groups or send me any invitations to their online parties.

Overall, I felt good about Day #3!  That sticking to the list thing was HUGE for me!

Day #4
A lot happened today to test and challenge me.......

But first, I want to know who's bright idea was it to start a No Spend Challenge right as one of the biggest sales since Black Friday is getting started this weekend at my favorite shopping center???????  ::sitting in a corner rocking back & forth::

Oh yeah.....that would be me......

I post this on my Spending Less, Loving More FB page and I actually got a response back from Southlands (or whoever the Great Oz is behind the screen responding for them)

Wow.....I was truly surprised that I got a response from Southlands at all......but seriously? Granted, The Great Oz running their page may not have taken the time to fully visit my page to know that I struggle with compulsive spending. BUT.....they did see that I was doing a NO SPEND CHALLENGE. Why on earth would you even try to discourage that?  I feel like they just patted me on the head....saying, oh how cute....good for you....but we hope you'll still come and visit anyway. Kind of like saying to an alcoholic.....oh, we know you struggle with sobriety, but come hit the bar during Happy Hour anyway! 

But I will stay strong and avoid the whole place this weekend, in spite of Southlands' pleasant invitation.

So moving on......

*I had friends over for the evening and didn't go overboard.  I used what I had in my home and everybody brought something to share.

*I texted a friend to tell her that I couldn't buy the top that she was selling on one of the garage sale sites.  I told her I was interested before the challenge -- and I really love that top -- but I just couldn't do it.  I told her about the challenge and she was totally cool with it.

*I almost blew it by buying a song on Amazon to download to my iPod.  I was THIS close to clicking on that "buy" button.  And then it hit me......$1.29 is still spending.  And it adds up people.  I was so amazed at the clarity that I had.....and how easy it was to just "click buy" and not think.  But this time I did think.....and I'll wait......even though I wanted that damn song so badly.  ::insert more rocking::

Damn......this shit is HARD!!!!

*Was totally blessed today when a good friend brought me my first pumpkin spice latte of the season......before they're even out to the general public!  I was holding out because I'd have to use what precious balance was left on my Starbucks I was being very strategic about using it.  But the heaven's opened and my friend totally made my day!

Not a bad way to end the week, don't you think?


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