Saving & Giving Challenge - Days #7 - #12

>> Sunday, September 13, 2015

I continue to move forward. 

Some days I think that I'm just not accomplishing anything....but then there are the days where all I want to do is high five myself for completing a challenge -- whether purging or money/bill related.

Here's some high and low points from Days #7-#12

*  Still on the original tank of gas from when I filled up on payday.  No extra shopping trips = more gas in the tank (and less I'll have to fill up next payday)

*Cleaned out my closet and got almost EIGHT bags of clothes, shoes and other items ready to drop off for a women's & children's shelter.  Felt so good to unload all that stuff!

*  Did my weekly shopping for perishables and fresh produce.  Stuck to the list.....sort of.  I ended up buying some ice cream for the girls.  They've been bugging me for DAYS to go to Cold Stone.....and each time I say no because "Mommy's not spending any extra money".  But I got tired of the nagging and figured that I could take what I'd spend on Cold Stone and buy a 1/2 gallon of ice cream that might last a little longer.  ($3.99 UNPLANNED)

*  I met a friend for coffee this morning at Barnes and Noble.   I know, I know....the temptation. BUT....I didn't buy anything -- not coffee, not a book. I took my breakfast shake with me and had my water bottle in my bag. THEN....on the way out, I spotted two books I would have loved to buy, but instead....I took pictures of them on my phone to save for another my birthday or Christmas.

*  The workout tank tops that I ordered before the challenge started arrived.  One, I noticed, was poorly made.  I emailed the manufacturer about it, but immediately started browing the internet to look for another one to buy to replace this one.  I didn't think....I just started doing it.  And then I stopped and thought how easy it was.....that immediate need.....the gratification of getting what I want right then and there.  Stopped what I was doing and added that potential purchase to the green post it note.

*  I had to buy a new bath mat for the tub.  This was a definite NEED.  It was either spend $12 on a bath mat or hundreds of dollars in medical bills because either myself or someone in my family was going to slip and have a major head injury.

*  I had some more unplanned spending. I went to King Soopers to buy more ice cream for the kids and saw that Starbucks has Cinnamon Dolce Kcups. Cinnamon Dolce is my favorite coffee behind pumpkin I picked up a box. Then I took the kids to Sonic for lunch today.  And here's the thing -- there was nothing behind it. I wasn't shopping out of anger or boredom or anxiety. I was hungry and wanted lunch. I like the coffee, so I bought it.  And you know what.....I'm ok with this. It's ok for little treats every once in awhile. I bought lunch and some coffee......I didn't go on a full blown shopping spree for clothes I'll never wear or books I'll never read. I bought ice cream & lunch for my girls and saw the smile on their faces. I'll cherish the sanity I feel when I drink that coffee in the mornings before the kids wake up. And it's ok.......($30 UNPLANNED)

*  We went out to dinner during My Marine's drill weekend.  He came home after a long day and decided he didn't want pizza (our normal Saturday night meal), so he suggested we go to a local sandwich shop that just opened.  ($30 UNPLANNED)

*  We bought a new phone for me.  I would call it a WANT, but My Marine would call it a NEED.  It was on it's last legs for sure and doesn't hold a charge for more than an hour.  I wanted to wait another 9 months until his was paid off, but he insisted we get this phone now.  Paid $57 yesterday for all the administrative fees, but tacked on another $30 to our cell phone bill each month.  ($57 UNPLANNED + extra $30 EACH MONTH)

I can say, that so far, my eyes are definitely open a little more to how I shop and why.  I still feel a little guilty over those unplanned spendings over the past few days, but I'm learning to be OK with it.  That sometimes it's ok to have a little splurge every once in fact, it's necessary.  But I'm also learning to recognize the difference between a splurge and a binge.  I'm also learning that I can manage this, recognize when a binge is about to happen, and take steps to make sure that it doesn't. 

My journey will never be over......but I can sure make it a lot more manageable.


~Carla~ September 13, 2015 at 7:28 AM  

I don't know Jen, I think you're doing *VERY* well and that guilt is unneeded! So kick it to the curb!! :) Keep it up!!!

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