Saving & Giving Challenge - Days #13 - #15

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day #13
*  Checked the bank balance today to discover another deposit for My Marine's extra pay.  Put that directly into savings.  I was very happy to see that account getting built back up again.

*  Very unhappy that I missed an autoship payment for my Shakeology.  I totally forgot that I even had that set up to autoship and deduct from my account.  Contacted them right away to cancel any future shipments/payments.  I'll keep the bag that's already been shipped.  Between that one and the one I already have, it will last me until after the holidays.  (UNPLANNED - $150)

*  For the first time in MONTHS, my account has been in the black.  I'm very, very proud of that.

*  Payday is this week again.  I started my grocery shopping list again, as well as some menu planning.  I know there are still ways for me to cut back the grocery bill a little more.

Day #14
*  Took my trash bags full of clothes to be donated.  It felt so good to get the clutter out of my garage AND to know that they are going to a worthy cause. 


Now with those bags gone, I have room to start going through the other half of the garage.  I told myself that if I clear out the garage, then I can bring my fall decoration boxes down from the attic.

*  Over the weekend, my friend shared with me a blog written by a recovering spender.  She had written a book about her journey to get out of debt and control her family's spending.  I looked it up with the intention of saving it on my Wish List for later......but discovered that I can borrow it FOR FREE with my Amazon Prime membership.  I think I'm meant to read this book now.

*  I made an appointment for a haircut.  I had to do it.  My hair is out of control.  I was hoping to make it until October, but it just wasn't going to happen.  Upside - I'm just getting the color.

It's slow going......but I'm good with that!


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