January No Spend/Low Spend/Decluttering Challenge

>> Saturday, January 2, 2016

For those of you who have followed me, you know that this past Fall I did a Saving & Giving Challenge where I challenged myself not to compulsively shop for new craft supplies, books or clothes as well as declutter and give away as much as I could.  It was about 50% successful on the spending front and 100% successful on the decluttering/giving front.  

With the holidays, spending was out of control and decluttering was put on a hold.  So now it's time to sit down and put that plan back into action.

So, I give you my January Goals:
  1. No purchasing of books, clothes, toys, craft supplies, unless I can use store credit or gift cards.  Evaluate purchases that do not include food, toiletries, medication.
  2. Track spending & bills to help me start planning a better budget.
  3. Inventory what's in my freezer and use that to meal plan - using what's here & buying only necessary food items
  4. Declutter!  Three target areas for this month are the bathroom cabinets, the storage cabinet in our family room and Christmas items.
  5. Consign or giveaway any items from decluttering challenge 
  6. Start rebuilding savings accounts for the girls and our emergency fund.  Return to plan of depositing My Marine's extra military pay.
  7. Work on business plan for my store.  Add new items to inventory.  Order business cards (using money from business sales).  Make a plan for selling at craft fairs.  Explore other options for marketing.
  8. Take the change jar to the bank to count & deposit.

And there it is......small & simple!

What about you?  Do you have any goals for January?

~~ Jennifer


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