Desperately Seeking Sidney.....

>> Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ok, not quite.  But for those of you who know that I'm originally from Pittsburgh and am an avid, die-hard Penguins hockey fan, you'll get it.

For Christmas this year, My Marine and I have decided not to really splurge on gifts for each other - especially since we're getting a family gift of a Wii.  We have agreed to exchange a few small things though - but I'm finding that each year it's getting more and more difficult to find a gift for My Marine.  Last year I presented him with a framed photo of Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzy in an infamous face-off pose.  He loved it.  He raved about it.  He still walks by the wall and touchs the frame reverently.

This year I am on a search.....a hunt.....a safari so to speak.

This past year, we bid farewell to our beloved Mellon Arena (formerly known as the Civic Arena).  A new arena was being built right across the street and my beloved Penguins would be moving there for the new season.  At the last home game, the Penguins had a HUGE farewell ceremony and had almost all of the past Penguins in attendance.

They all got together for a team photo right there on the ice.  All those past Penguins with the current Penguins in their hockey jerseys.


And I can't find it.


The only one I've found is a grainy reproduction thanks to the local news channel that covered the event.




I'm bummed that I may not be able to get this coveted piece of history for My Marine. 

Or maybe just frame the link for the site and give that to him instead.


Sigh - I may have to just give him some cigars instead.


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