The Funny Side of Deployment......

>> Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You know, I've had more than my share of gloomies since My Marine left.   But I've also had my share of positives and funny moments.

  1. Complete control over the remote -- no ESPN, anything Military/History channel related, no Kate Beckinsale-related movies in anyway shape or form.
  2. Hello Johnny Depp!
  3. No wet towels left on the bed.
  4. While I do miss the smell of his flight suits, there are no stinky socks.
  5. The toilet seat is ALWAYS down!
  6. Less beer, more wine!
  7. Cereal for dinner any one?
  8. No shaving!
  9. No snoring!
  10. Toilet paper lasts twice as long!
  11. Banana bread and cookies don't disappear within minutes of coming out of the oven.
  12. Breathing fart-free air
  13. Going braless when I'm home
  14. Half the laundry loads
  15. No tripping over boots, backpacks, laptop cases
  16. Multiple PJ & movie days

Funny Moments:

  1. Having to help Nani create an airport soley out of of pop bottles, cardboard boxes and mini Disney princess dolls.  And then a month later having to come up with a science experiment that won't get my daughter expelled (because the school administration would frown on home brewing or wine fermenting)
  2. When using your husband's Shop-Vac, make sure that the nozzle is on the sucking end so that you avoid blowing year old pine needles and dead bugs back into your face.
  3. Get locked out of my house because of the girls thought it would be "helpful" to mommy to lock the screen door before we left for the garage in morning. The handles on the gates to the backyard were frozen shut, so I had to CLIMB over the fence, fall into the trash can, get covered in snow and various other trash can substances I don't even want to think about in order to get into the house from the deck.
  4. Fighting off rabid squirrels who insisted on eating my pumpkins
  5. Dealing with an ADHD dog who is having separation anxiety from My Marine and is self-soothing by digging through the trash for pre- and post-dinnertime treats.

While it's ok to have some gloomy, bummer days....I encourage you to look for the funny side too.  What are some of YOUR funny moments/positives about deployment?


Anonymous November 12, 2012 at 10:35 AM  

Thank you! While of course I miss him, it's always helpful to think of the positives! Great reminder and funny stories!!

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