The Adventures of Chippy the Elf - Week 1

>> Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chippy the Elf is back! 

Chippy returned to our house Thanksgiving weekend with much fanfare.  Ok, maybe not so much since he was two days late....but you can read about his return here!

Shortly after Chippy's arrival, he disappeared for two days.  The girls were told it was because of their bad behavior -- which is a whole other post coming shortly.  But in reality, I had hidden him in the car, ready for the girls to find when we went to school.  Then my oldest got sick and we didn't leave the house for two days.

So on Wednesday, when we finally got to go for a car ride (Yay!).....the girls found Chippy securely selt-belted in the booster seat.

The next day showed Chippy working on his Christmas Bible verse........

On December 1st, Chippy left a gift to help the girls countdown to Christmas......

Shortly after this.....Chippy's naughty side started to show through....

"Flour Angels" on the stove

"Oh Chippy!"

Chippy went on a bender with Twinkle & Jingle....finishing off the bottle of My Marine's Jack Daniels

Daddy Doll was NOT happy that Chippy drank his Jack Chippy pulled latrine duty....

"You call this a clean latrine Private Snowball?"
" sir!"

But, the Daddy Dolls rallied together to take back the house from Chippy......

Daddy Doll #1 - "You wanna mess with us?  You wanna keep messing with the kids?  You wanna keep your kneecaps?  Do you have kneecaps?"
Chippy - "MMmnnn...mmhhuuuppp"

We'll have to see if Chippy will take his revenge.........


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