"Off-Tober" Rules - Part 1

>> Monday, September 21, 2015

Nine days until I start the "Off-Tober" challenge.  You can read my initial post about the challenge HERE.  The post also lists specifically what I will be working on during the month.  But in this post, I will start to share some of the "rules" for the challenge.

This is going to be a tough one for me.....I already know this.  I love Facebook.  I love keeping up with friends, I love reading funny stuff and sharing funny stuff.  We keep in touch with long-distance family through Facebook.  But there are days when I check every few minutes....refresh the screen, scroll....scroll.....scroll......and then BAM!  The day is gone and I got nothing done.  Or I'm checking it on my phone.....at stoplights, while waiting in line, etc. etc. So here are the Facebook rules:

*  Delete Facebook and Facebook Messenger from my phone completely.
*  Allow 30 minutes of Facebook in the morning before the kids are up for school and 20 minutes at night AFTER the kids are in bed.
*  Cut way back on pages "liked"......delete groups that I don't check in on or participate in regularly......cut back friend list

Cell Phone, In General:
*  In addition to FB, all games will be deleted as well.
*  GPS is allowed.
*  Before even starting the car, my phone will be put into "driving" mode
*  The phone stays in my purse and all phone calls/voice mails/texts will be checked at my destination only.  No stoplight checking.
*  When I am at activities with my girls, the phone stays in the car
*  Use an actual watch!  Use a real alarm clock!  I can't remember the last time I wore I watch.  In fact, I'll probably need to go buy a battery, it's been that long.
*  During dinnertime, the phone is put in silent mode.

Cell Phone Camera:
This kind of gets lumped into the "general cell phone" rule, but I feel it requires a little more space to explain.  I (and society, in general) use my phone now more than I use the little "battlecam".  It's quick, it's convenient and oh, will you look at that....I can immediately share to Facebook or via text.  But then I think back to the "olden days" where we actually had to use FILM in the cameras and wait 2-3 days before getting the pictures back and discovering that you were photobombed by that drunk guy at the bar.....completely ruining your group picture. 

But wait!  Now.....with digital....you can take picture after picture after picture until you get just the perfect one....approved by all involved!  When I got my new phone I discovered that I had over 400+ pictures and videos on my old phone.  Multiples of the same thing at the same event.

So, unless it's a special event.......no photos.  No selfies......no pictures of the dog curled up on the couch again.......no "after-the-workout" pictures.......no Starbucks pictures.....

I do have two exceptions.......as I blog about this month's challenge, if I feel that a photo would enhance my blog for that day, I will allow it.  And this month marks our 20th wedding anniversary....so you can bet that I'm going to be taking pictures of our anniversary activities.

Overall, the goal of this rule is to ENJOY BEING IN THE MOMENT and not try to CREATE A PERFECT MOMENT.

So there you have the first couple rules for "Off-Tober".  Next post, I'll touch on a couple more!


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