Saving & Giving Challenge - Days #16 - #17

>> Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day #16
*  Started to purge, declutter and clean up the mess that I've made in our garage.  I've put things in there with the well-intended meaning of "I'll get to it later"......and 6 months later, it's still there, but with more stuff around it.  Boxes of stuff just waiting to fall over and crush one of my children or my dog to death.  I was worried about pulling my Jeep into the garage with the fear of running something over. 

I went through one large blue tub and one black trunk full of stuff I was waiting to sell.......clothes, books, games, stuff I used to teach the girls before they went to school and even when they were in school.   All sorted into piles -- things to donate, things to consign or things to give to friends.

I honestly felt really good about getting through that stuff.  I threw things away without thinking twice.  I put things into piles or trash bags and didn't bat an eyelash.  I will admit that there were a few things that I felt that twinge and that little voice that said, "Go ahead and hold on to can sell it".  But I got over it......

I liked the feeling of reorganization and how uncluttered it looks.

Day #17
*  Payday today.  I went to the grocery store with my list......and I stuck to the list.....sort of.  Once I got to the store I realized that I forget to add a few things.  Technically they were supposed to be on the list to begin with, so I really didn't count them as "impulse buys".  But I DID toss in some ice cream and a box of pumpkin spice oatmeal.  Both of those were TRUE impulse buys.  (But it was PUMPKIN SPICE OATMEAL for heaven's sake!!!!)  Still -- UNPLANNED - $12.00

*  Sat down with my calendar and checkbook and planned out the next two weeks and the bills that are due.  Deducted any upcoming automatic payments and balanced out the checkbook.  For the first time in YEARS, both the checkbook and the bank balance were the same.

*  Another first for me......I ended a pay period in the black......not by much....but it was in black.  No extra spending.  Major high fives for me!
*  Remember all the decluttering and purging I did yesterday?  Well, I did some driving around today dropping stuff off at Goodwill and passing some things on to some friends.  Also made arrangements with some other friends for some of this other stuff too.  Feels so good to get rid of this stuff!

Stuff this morning before I loaded it up in my Jeep



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