Adventures of Chippy - Adult Version

>> Friday, December 14, 2012

As you know, our Elf on the Shelf, Chippy, arrived around Thanksgiving.  He started off sweet & my girls lots of laughs with his little antics.  But I've discovered that there is a dark, seedy side to Chippy as well. 

And the Daddy Dolls aren't helping much either......

Last week's adventures started with Chippy going on a bender, pulling latrine duty, and being kidnapped by the Daddy Dolls.

Chippy, being the kind soul that he is, quickly forgave the Daddy Dolls for their antics and invited them to a friendly game of Christmas Bingo.

Apparently Real Daddy (AKA My Marine) felt that playing Bingo was not acceptable behavior for the Daddy Dolls and was demanding a drug test for them.

Unfortunately for Real Daddy, the Daddy Dolls tested negative.....(turns out they just like playing Bingo!)  But poor Chippy popped positive for holly use and was ordered to mandatory rehab..

The night before Chippy had to report to rehab, the Daddy Doll took him out to "The Candy Cane Club" for one last hurrah.  (Real Daddy was not very happy that the Daddy Dolls were spending his hard earned money in the strip club....especially since he couldn't go himself!)

Upon check-in, Chippy was evaluated by Dr. T.D. Bear - the leading therapist for Christmas elves.  Dr. Bear determined that Chippy's stay could be short-term, provided that he doesn't get into any further trouble.

We're beginning to see that Chippy is weak and easily influenced.  His rehab buddy is a former Salvation Army Santa named Earl. For some reason, Earl has become attached to his bell, refusing to give it up after he was fired from his bell-ringing duties when he showed up drunk, covered in glitter from the strip club, and shouting "Put it in the hole! Just put it in the damn hole!" when referring to donations in the Salvation Army bucket.

Earl's influence seems that he has some outside contacts for "getting the goods" smuggled into the facility via socks.  Chippy, being the innocent soul he is, thought Santa was sending him care packages.  Unfortunately, these "stockings" are going to be Chippy's downfall as he was found at bed-check huffing Vicks. He's now on a 24-hour solitary confinement.....

Will Chippy overcome his demons?  Will he ever be able to rejoin the Elf community and become the Christmas Elf that Santa knows he can be?

Stay tuned to the continuing (adult) adventures of Chippy!

(On a side note, My Marine is worried that he needs to put in for an emergency Red Cross message.  He's afraid the wife is going off the deep end with her Chippy antics......)


Cheryl December 14, 2012 at 7:21 AM  

LOL Jenn! Just loving the "adult" version of Chippy as much as I enjoy the kid version.

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